The First Few Days With Penny

We went on our 2-hour car journey to pick up Penny very prepared. We had made sure everything was 100% dog proof, we had leads, collars, harness’ ready for her. We had her food and treats she was used to. In the car we had lots and lots of treats her new lead, harness and collar, Frankie and water.

At DBARC everyone was very helpful and they even gave us food and a collar. We were mainly dealt with by two lovely ladies called Janet and Julie. They were very helpful in terms of telling us about her scan and everything else. We told them that we wanted her regardless of her scan result.

In the car Penny just stared at us while Frankie was asleep.

About half way we stopped at a service station for both dogs to go to the toilet, but that was when we realised what we had taken on as Penny completely froze.


When we got home Frankie immediately tried to wrestle with Penny, but she did not know how to. Frankie then went up to Penny with a tug-of-war toy in her mouth and tried to get Penny to grab the other end so that she would tug it, Penny didn’t know how to. This is when Frankie realised Penny wasn’t a normal dog. Frankie sat back and observed Penny’s behaviour and quirks, from things like getting scared of sudden movements to walking into mirrors and see-through doors. After Frankie had thoroughly observed Penny she decided to go and help her out and assumed the roles of older sister and teacher.

Later that evening we gave both dogs a bone which were Frankie’s favourite bones, but Penny could not chew it but just licked it. We wondered why this was and assumed that it was because her jaw was too weak. But when she had her first vet appointment the vet told us that all of her teeth were completely flat and partly rotted away from chewing on bars, especially her canines, so she probably won’t be able to eat any hard foods such as hard bones and dry food. However, she loves chews such as dentastix which she can chew on easily.

The next day we took her on a walk to a local field. We noticed that she froze with fear at the start of all walks. We also noticed that Penny would follow everyone and anyone who she thought had food and clearly couldn’t grasp what an owner was. Luckily, we had a 50-metre-long lead which meant that she could be free, but we had a way of restraining her if needs be.

From Day 1 she has always been very good at recall, but we think that that was because she associated the word ‘Penny’ with treats straight away. We didn’t trust her really at first because we didn’t trust that she wouldn’t get scared by people and sounds and run off.

In the evenings Frankie will come and sleep on our ‘dog sofa’ while we watch TV, read a book or go on our electronics however Penny just sat peering at us through a window or through a doorway observing our behaviour. She seemed fascinated by us but didn’t know what to do, so she would just sit and stare. We brought her into our living room but we soon realised that we needed to let her make her own decisions how ever long it took.


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