Social Media Affects Puppy Farms!

Nowadays designer breeds such as pugs have become very popular because large social media stars have bought these dogs and post photos on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and videos on YouTube almost every day. This has taught a lot of the younger viewers about these breeds and fuelled their enthusiasm to have the same dog. Over the last 10 years, there has been an increase of 37% in Miniature Dachshunds, 110% in Pugs , 196% in Boston Terriers and 554% in French Bulldogs. For example, Zoella (12 million followers) who owns a Pug , PewdiePie (64.5 million followers) who owns a Pomeranian, Joey Graceffa (9 million followers) who owns 3 Huskies, Cole&Sav (6.5 million followers) who have 2 Pomeranians, Jiffpom (254k followers and on TV most days) is a Pomeranian and Doug the Pug (3.5 million followers) is unsurprisingly a Pug. Social Media is such a big earner that some people use their dogs to advertise and earn income. For example dogs will be used to help advertise clothing, merch, different brands and even make up. This encourages followers to do the same. But generally, followers are also young, with low income and they want a similar dog quickly. So, they go to the internet and there they can buy a relatively cheap dog, very quickly. But they don’t realise that these dogs are probably from puppy farms and have a high chance of congenital diseases and problems. They often become ill or die very quickly. For example, Jessie Paege (a US you tuber with 1.5 million followers) bought her Yorkie dog called Ollie over the internet and he died within a week from a seizure. But the thing is, most don’t use their platform to help spread awareness on this. If only the words ‘Puppy Farm’ were mentioned by those with large platforms, it would raise a lot of awareness. I would like to encourage those with a large platform to use their influence to raise awareness. There is another You Tuber named Stacy Plays who rescues dogs in US. She has nearly 2 million followers. It’s so difficult to reach these people, but I try. I comment on videos talking about how they could raise awareness and my comments often get the most likes, but there is barely a word about them. Is this because they don’t want to be controversial? I don’t understand what there is to be controversial about. Is it because it’s too difficult to explain? It’s not that difficult. Or is it just that earning money is more important than saving dogs lives? There is also a youtuber called BeccaRose who has a Pug named Rupert with 8k followers on Instagram. Most of her photos on Instagram have ‘#ad’ in her photos which means that it’s a sponsored post which means Rupert has received payment for uploading a certain picture. Many of Rupert’s followers are children, so is a message being sent to children that Pugs are cute and then the children persuade their family to buy one? Even Becca Rose admits that her viewers love her dog so this makes her viewers aware of Pugs and want to be like her so naturally they may also want to get a pug. Becca also feels slightly responsible for people buying Pugs from puppy farms as she says, “People don’t talk about where they got their dog from, they just say here’s the new dog or I’m getting a dog but the viewers don’t hear where from. Me included in this we need to talk about where we get our dogs from and the responsibility that we have when talking about getting a dog. Because we don’t talk about it, it’s not talked about.”  Note: I have taken a lot of my information from the guest blog with Janetta Harvey, which you can read  HERE. Watch the full documentary including  Becca Rose  HERE. 056eaede-9fd7-441d-a632-6e0275df9284

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