Animal Rescues in Barbados

So I’m currently in Barbados but I still wanted to share something with you, sorry it’s short but it carries an important message!
While in Barbados I have seen lots of dogs here which mainly seem to be mix breeds. You don’t see any fashionable breeds such as pugs and long-haired breeds, I guess it’s just too hot for them. However, lots of places that I have been sell tote bags to raise money for The Ark Animal Welfare Society Barbados. This then peaked my interest in animal rescues in a country that makes most of its money via tourism. IMG_3078.JPG
I looked on The Ark Animal Welfare Society’s website to see what they were all about.
The Ark is a non-profit animal welfare society which was created in 1989 in Barbados. It is a registered charity. They are a multi-national group which is based on animal rights. They rescue, rehabilitate and re-home stray and unwanted dogs in Barbados with a no kill policy. They also rehome and find foster families for cats until they find their forever home. They also have an amazing mission statement which is as follows “To raise awareness of the needs of animals. To protect them and promote their well-being by encouraging, through education, positive relationships between animals and people.”
They have lots of dogs for adoption too.
This is Angel who is only a year old, she’s a very friendly dog who is very good with children and other dogs.

Angel Ark
What about Tommy who is 9 years old. He has been at the rescue for a long time and is desperate for a home. He was found as a Puppy on the coast of Barbados and the Ark is the only safe and kind home he has ever had. He is quite a shy lad but absolutely adores you when he gets to know you.

tommy Ark
Maybe Misty and Bernie will show you how amazing this centre is. They came to the centre in early 2017 as their owner was moving to a town house that didn’t allow dogs. They are honestly the sweetest and friendliest dogs that have ever walked the earth. All they want is a safe, kind and loving home together.

Misty-Bernie ark

Or maybe 2-year-old terrier Joey, who is extremely playful and loves stomping around with his toys. He adores other dogs and needed the shelter to help him come out of his shell. Joey is small in size but huge in personality and is a bit like a miniature German Shepherd!


You can see all of these dogs and more on their website, which you can view  HERE.
The ark is a non-profit organisation after all and needs your help! You can sponsor a dog HERE or donate HERE.

They have more shelters in Barbados as well such as Rescue me.
Rescue me finds homes for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, rodents , reptiles and amphibians. You can donate to them HERE.

Even if you live in one part of the world there are still dogs that need YOUR help in another part.

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