On Instagram we have been talking to our friend Alex and her dog Winnie. Winnie is a Pomeranian who was bought from a puppy farm. I asked Alex a few questions about Winnie as you will se below.
But first you need to go and follow them on Instagram HERE.

Q; What have you noticed is different from Winnie to other dogs?

A; Winnie almost completely ignores other dogs, it is like they do not exist. If they come near her, she will often snap at them but that is through fear not aggression. She is also frightened of many things, ie. overhanging trees so we can’t walk along river banks, people walking towards us so we can’t walk along pavements.

Winnie is a loving dog but seeing her so frightened of everything is very upsetting & not good for her. She gets stressed very easily, her tail goes down between her legs, she starts panting & appears to sweat from between the pads on her feet but you can only see that on certain floors. If we go somewhere like Action Petz, the stress if it’s busy, causes her to be exhausted like she has been running for hours. I also take her to do training classes because she is then in a room with lots of other dogs but they are all under control & she knows she is safe there. She is good at dog training & enjoys it but because she won’t play in front of other dogs, she won’t fetch her dumbbell for the Retrieve or go out & pick up her scent cloth even though she knows my scent. I find this quite sad when she will do it when there aren’t other dogs around. Winnie only has one dog friend, Mr Tom (as pictured with Winnie below) she really likes him & will lay down & sleep next to him but she has never played with him like normal dogs do. When we were on holiday together, she ran onto the beach next to him & into the sea but never actually played. I make sure she sees him at least once a week as I think its important.


Q; What problems has Winnie faced after coming from a puppy farm?

A; Winnie was sold as a 10 week old puppy but any food she ate on her first day with us caused her to have the runs, we took her to the Vets first thing on Monday morning & the vet said “you will be lucky if she is 4 weeks old” We had to buy her special food & she just cried for days, for her Mum & other siblings, she was one of 4 pups. But she survived. I believe she is frightened of other dogs because she never learned social skills from playing at an early age. because people see me carring Winnie a lot they think that Winnie doesn’t like walking but it’s not that, she just gets less stressed if I pick her up. Winnie has climbed Pen-y-fan in the Breacon Beacons twice.


Q; What were the main signs that Winnie was from a puppy farm?

A; Her age when she was sold is the main thing. She was bought from a really nice house in Bury Port, Carmarthenshire. Her mother & 2 brothers & 1 sister were there. But looking back, it was TOO CLEAN & didn’t smell of 4 puppies urinating everywhere which it should. I believe that she was bred somewhere else & taken to that house to make it look as though she was from an ordinary family home


Q; Do you think that puppy farms are bad places for dogs

A; yes, puppy farms are so bad, the mothers are bred too near death, there is no medical care for mothers or pups, they are kept in cages, sold to soon etc. The list is endless.
As you have seen from Alex and Winnies interview you will have noticed that things for Winnie have been far from normal for a dog .Puppy farms don’t just affect the mums and dads, the affect the puppies that come out of it too!

You can see some more of Alex, Winnie and some of Mr Tom’s adventures by following their Instagram which you can look at HERE

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