FAQ’s on Schnauzerfest!

What is Schnauzerfest?

Schnauzerfest is a charity supporting and paying for medical treatment for schnauzers and other dogs coming from Puppy Farms.

How are you linked to Schnauzerfest?

Penny was rescued from a puppy farm late last year. she had a heart murmur which she went to a specialist to check it. This alone cost a lot of money. I then started campaigning with them. I now help run their Instagram and lots of other things.

How can I support Schnauzerfest?

On October the 13th and 14th they host walks all over the UK and Australia which fundraise for DBARC. this year we have some VIP’s coming to the Barry Island walk and over 300 schnauzers coming to that walk alone. there are lots more walks which I have linked to below!

Look for your local walk here!

Donate to schnauzerfest!

Schnauzerfest homepage!

The creator of schnauzerfest!

Schnauzerfest Instagram!

Schnauzerfest twitter!




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