Schnauzerfest this year!


So first of all, you may be wondering – What is Schnauzerfest?
Schnauzerfest is a charity that is raising money and awareness for dogs and schnauzers saved from puppy farms. Funding for their medical treatment, from specialist heart check-ups to cataract surgery. All the money raised goes to DBARC . Schnauzerfest hosts walk all over Australia and the UK to raise money for dogs like Penny, whose medical treatment was funded for by Schnauzerfest.

The host of one of the largest walk- Barry Island walk, Nick Rutter, said this about Schnauzerfest Barry Island in an interview with Wales Online.
“It was very wet, but we still had about 220 schnauzers there today. We expected 300 but 220 is a brilliant turnout. They all got a bit soggy but had a fabulous time walking to Jackson’s Bay and back to Marcos Cafe.”
“It was really good, everyone had fun. It was a bit damp, but no trouble. All the Schnauzers had a great time. Thank you to everyone who came to support our fundraising efforts to restore the sight of Schnauzers rescued by Diana Brimblecombe Animal Rescue Centre in Berkshire.”
I asked the founder of Schnauzerfest, Janetta Harvey, about this year’s Schnauzerfest.
“Schnauzerfest this year has exploded in an incredibly positive way which is going to transform the lives of many dogs. All the money that’s being raised – at this moment it’s almost £40,000 and climbing – will be spent providing specialist, necessary veterinary treatment for dogs who have known great cruelty in their lives.
To know that across the country, right from Orkney to the Channel Islands and everywhere in between, people have been out walking their dogs so that others can have better lives makes me very happy indeed. And not forgetting for the first time ever, we also had walks taking place in Australia with the same aims, and same brilliant commitment from people.
Schnauzerfest has always brought out the very best in people, which is great to see and be a part of. There’s so much that’s wrong in our world today, a lot of unkindness and selfishness, that when we see the very opposite on full and wonderful display with Schnauzerfest there’s no better feeling.
All the hosts who volunteered in our first year, many of whom are with us still, to all those who did it this past weekend, I take my hat off. Without hosts, not a lot would happen, as it’s only by people being out there – in all weathers as we saw this weekend – organising walks and making sure everyone and every dog enjoys themselves that Schnauzerfest works. And work is most certainly does, year after year and that is some legacy that my little dog Susie-Belle has left behind. She inspired me to start Schnauzerfest as she loved her walks very much, having spent years in a dark and dirty shed. And now, in her memory, I, along with every single person who supports Schnauzerfest, continues it.”

Janetta's dogs

We attended the Barry Island walk yesterday that was incredible. Watching hundreds of people out walking for such a good cause even though it was tipping down with rain. I will be doing a later blog post on our experience with Janetta and Nick his year. Especially as we walked with Alun Cairns secretary of state for Wales and his assistant Miles.

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