Our Time In Parliment

At Schnauzerfest 2018 we got invited to Parliment for a meeting with Micheal Gove by the lovely Alun Cairns. We drove up on the 14th of November early in the morning. this is our day! However, our meeting with Michael had to be cancelled as Brexit happened. (that’s the best that I can describe it!)

First of all, we had a wander around parliament before meeting with Hattie, Alun Cairns’ assistant. JXDC6772RNDG5099UTYN0308BTXD7036

Then we met up with Hattie and she took us to meet up with Alun


After our meeting, Hattie took us ‘behind the scenes’ of parliament. we were not allowed to take pictures many places but here are a few! FCXW2087 A little later we went to a meeting with Anne McMorrin. In that meeting, we also ran into Borris Johnson!


Then we quickly walked over to the home office and we met up with David Rutley. EWKW5548

I would love to say a big thank you to Alun Cairns for the opportunity.

and to Hattie for taking her time to show us around parliament and organising all of this!


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