Interview with the owner of 2 ex-puppy farm breeding dogs!

Recently I have been talking to Anne Barlow, The owner of 2 ex-puppy farm breeding dogs. she agreed to do an interview with me on her dogs, Bella & Mabel!

Bella and Mabel 1
Bella & Mabel

How did you become involved with puppy farming?
I was vaguely aware about puppy farming from a few television programmes and internet articles. It was at my first Schnauzerfest walk 3 years back, I won Janetta Harvey’s book in the raffle and read it the same day, I was both appalled and curious. I also needed to address my ignorance on the subject if I was to contribute in any way. Through Janetta, Schnauzerfest and DBARC I found out that so many of these ex breeding dogs needed help and ultimately homes.


Why did you decide to adopt an ex-puppy farm rescue dog?
My beloved Toby was diagnosed with Lymphoma in May 2017, we knew that his life expectancy was limited and that he would also be the right dog to lead a puppy farm survivor. We applied to adopt Bella from DBARC as we felt we had the home, love and time to invest and hoped we were able to give a much needed home to one of these very special dogs. Bella came home in January. Toby sadly lost his fight at the end of Feb. Bella was distraught to be most likely for the first time in her life without the company of another dog. We then borrowed one of her kennel mates (Mabel) from DBARC who was still waiting for a home and went on to adopt her too. Mabel was blind and had her eyesight restored whilst at DBARC

Bella Mabel 4
Toby & Bella

What ‘quirks’ do your girls have after coming from a puppy farm?
Bella is not keen on being touched. She hates people looming over her and you have to get down to her level. She has never played with toys. She likes to sit in corners so she can see anything approaching.




Mabel, took 6 months to get used to the hairdryer she would hide at the end of the garden.

Bella Mabel 9

She hates the microwave and electronic bleeps.If the smoke alarm goes off she is simply terrified. She adores Bella and will always check Bella’s needs before her own. She can panic if she feels cornered. When we first got her she fell off the harbour wall into the sea as she had no concept of depth and also did not know she could not walk on water. She had never seen the sea before.



How do you think that we should prevent puppy farms?
Education, so people realise where their money goes. Sites such as gumtree and Pets4Homes to take more responsibility and stop the sales of puppies.
Better regulation, and laws, and restrictions on breeders
More of what you are doing by calling out the politician.

Bella Mabel 10

Thank you Anne for agreeing to do this with me!

you can access Bella and Mabel’s Instagram HERE

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