Interview with the owner of an ex-puppy farm rescue dog of 4 years!

I recently got into contact with a lady called Julia who owns Nellie the Noodle who was rescued from a puppy farm in Wales 4 years ago. Nellie is around 11 years old now.

Nellie has a facebook page which you can follow HERE.

Nellie Noodle 1

How did you become aware of puppy farming, why did you decide to adopt an ex-puppy farm breeder and what quirks does she have?

Early 2014 I read an interview by Janetta Harvey on Susie Belle and to be honest really became aware of the actual horrors of Puppy farming. In July 2014, I attended a DBARC fundraising walk arranged by Janetta Harvey. For the first time, I met ex-breeding schnauzers. I also met Janet and Donna (from DBARC) for the first time. I had made up my mind I wanted to adopt and it was the case of waiting. In August 2014 I was sent a photo of Nellie and another schnauzer who had been rescued and were being cared for by Walkies Dogs in Upper Brynammen, Wales. I spent lots of time researching and networking with people who owned rescue schnauzers. Made contact with Walkies Dogs and expressed an interest. I adopted her in November 2014 after a 580-mile round trip. I adopted Nellie as I considered I had the time in my life to give her the care and love she needed. Nellie had all the usual quirks, unable to walk upstairs or downstairs. Unable to walk through doorways. Not able to walk on a lead, she had no name. Extremely difficult to groom her (she goes to a professional groomer every 8 weeks now).Very timid, spent a lot of time walking backwards if you approached her. She was desperate for Breagh (resident schnauzer) to acknowledge her. Her house training was not 100%. She ate any post and would try to make a bed out of any post/paperwork. She has a cataract in both eyes, her right eyesight is not good. Since having her she has been hospitalised for pancreatitis and X2 for HGE. She had spindle cell cancer this year, and a large lump removed from her leg.

Nellie Noodle 2

How do you think that we should prevent puppy farms?

Preventing puppy farms is about confronting society and setting standards of high animal welfare. The country needs correct laws, and resources that are able to meet the demands of a trade that is established. The internet (somehow) needs to be held to account for allowing sales. The established  Kennel Club needs overhauling. Education needs to start with our youngsters. We live in a disposable society and animals are suffering because of our greed…

Nellie Noodle 4

What is DBARC to you and how are you involved with them?

I have been aware of DBARC since 2014 and the development of Schnauzerfest since 2014. I am lucky through Schnauzerfest/Social media/DBARC I have met some great people. In 2016 I started to visit DBARC, especially when they had rescue schnauzers. I would spend up to 3 hours with the rescue dogs, socialising, giving them treats. Personally, socialisation and trust is such a hurdle for these animals. I love visiting, I always take Nellie and Breagh with me. Nellie considers herself to be #SchnauzerStaff. Due to living just under two hours drive away, I can only get to visit once every 6 weeks. However, have been there more recently. DBARC staff are inspirational, humbling people. They go out of their way to help animals in need. In 2016 I read on social media about a schnauzer found dumped with a broken jaw. I messaged Donna and told her what I had seen. The next day, she and Janet drove to Wales and picked the little schnauzer up. She was named Twinklet and the rest is history.

Nellie Noodle 3
Nellie and Julie

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