Just adopted or considering adopting a puppy farm rescue dog? In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to read!

Just adopted or considering adopting a puppy farm rescue dog? In my opinion, this is one of the most important things to read! I will be talking about the most useful products for us when owning a puppy farm rescue dog! (does not include any paid or unpaid promotions but is all my opinion!). I am not saying that these products will work for your dog however it worked for ours!

1. Thundershirt. This product applies pressure to the dog (or cat) so that it feels like they are being swaddled like a baby! We used it for bonfire night and it really helped settle our dog, Penny. To the point where she is comfortable around fireworks completely! You can view it here!

2. 50m long lead. This product was so useful for Penny. When we adopted Penny, she did not understand what an owner was so just wandered off in random directions and followed people around who she thought had food. However, she would be terrified if she was on a lead, but we were nervous of her wandering off, so we got a 50m long lead which helped her think that she was off the lead as she had freedom. I think that this is definitely one of the most important things. You can view it here!

3. Harnesses! Penny got so nervous about having something around her neck and having a lead dangling in front of her. Her harness keeps her lead behind her so that she can’t see it. Personally, we use the EzyDog harnesses. You can view it here!

4. Moo Moo and bear Schnauzerfest corsages. These aren’t really useful to the dog, but they are useful for spreading awareness. People often say that they like the corsages and ask where to get one from. However, we tell them that information and we can also tell them about puppy farming and Penny’s story. You can view it here!

5. Liver Brownies. These are Penny’s favourite treats, they were really useful for training Penny to come back. You can view a recipe here!

6. Saving Susie-Belle and Saving One more. These books were very useful when learning about Penny’s behaviour these are essential to read before adopting the dog and just after. Saving One More Saving Susie Belle

7. Kong ropes toys. These are the only toys Penny will play with. These toys have a soft outer layer, no stuffing or squeakers and have a rope in the middle. These toys are small enough for her to wander around with, in her mouth yet big enough for Penny to play tug of war with our other dog, Frankie. You can view it here!

8. Kongs and mind games/mats. These were great when we went out of the house because we could leave her with something to do. Kong Activity Mats

If you would like to buy any of these products, I have linked them below!


50m Lead


Schnauzerfest Corsage

Liver Brownies

Saving Susie-Belle Saving One More

Kong Rope Toys

Activity Mats


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