Hope Rescue!

On Monday the 25th of February we travelled about 50 minutes West to Hope Rescue Centre in Pontyclun. I went to meet with Vanessa, the owner of Hope Rescue. Hope rescue is ‘a registered charity (charity number 1129629). We have been working hard to improve the welfare of dogs since 2005 irrespective of their breed, age or medical condition. As a small and independent registered charity we rely on the support of volunteers and donations – please help us to give Hope to the many dogs needing our support.’
While we were there we had a chat about the work that Hope are doing against puppy farming. Such as this. Vanessa also taught me a lot about backyard breeders. Which I wasn’t as aware of as I am of puppy farming. However it is as big of a problem as puppy farming. There are lots of laws that could be created that would combat both and therefore help the animal welfare of lots of dogs.
We also got a tour of Hope. They have over 30 dogs there having treatment or up for adoption. One of which was Cariad. Cariad has 3 puppies and is from a backyard breeder. She arrived on Valentine’s Day. She is expected to be over 8 years old and the kennel club say that a dog should not be over the age of 8 to breed. ‘She is blind in both eyes – one eye has a total cataract and the other a chronic small eye that will need to be removed once she stops feeding.’ Also ‘She has a grade 2 heart murmur, horrendous ear infection and likely water infection. Her fur was stained yellow from standing and sleeping in her own urine.’ Her puppies are called Cupid, Romeo and Candy and they were 4 weeks old when they arrived at hope. ‘The pups were riddled with worms and a huge flea infestation.’ Cariad and her pups are definitely a designer breed, and they think that he puppies have shiz zhu in them.


Hope also have an English Bulldog called Enzo who was just 3 days old when he was given up by his breeder. ‘He has barely any soft palate and his hard palate has a hole right through it. We can opt to euthanise now, or refer him to specialist vets Langford’s in Bristol to see if he is a potential candidate for surgery. If Langford’s think he is suitable for surgery, we need to keep everything crossed that he will survive until he is 14 weeks old. Sadly many pups don’t make it due to complications such as aspirated pneumonia’ Sadly without surgery the only option is to put him to sleep. Tough choices. However, whilst he is teeny weeny, he is currently a very strong and happy pup. His vet costs could total around £4,000 with the referral, pre-op care and surgery. We’ve decided to give him the very best chance and refer him, taking it one day at a time. If at any point, we feel his welfare is being compromised we will make the right decision. He is still at the vets but will be moving to one of our experienced vet nurses to foster.’ Enzo is another example of backyard breeding.

I would like to say thank you to Vanessa for letting us (and Frankie and Penny) visit!

You can find their website here and you can donate to help dogs like Enzo and Cariad here.



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