Penny’s Buggy!

Recently, we have decided to purchase a buggy for our puppy farm rescue dog Penny.


We have seen that there are quite a few of our friends who also use buggys so we decided to give it a try!

The main reason that we decided to purchase a buggy is because Penny often gets freaked out by roads and lots of people, living in Cardiff, this is a very common thing.


It worked! Penny absolutely loves it and it is such a useful tool for Penny as when we are getting her used to new environments she can be pushed around. We also don’t get cramp in our arms from carrying a 10kg dog giving us her dead weight.

Last weekend we used the buggy for Penny as we were going to a local garden centre, a place that often scares Penny as there are lots of people around and there are lots of strange noises. Here is a picture of Penny and Frankie in Penny’s buggy!


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