Frankie’s beard!

Frankie has always had a beautiful, long and fluffy beard, it makes her look like a schnauzer and look like Frankie.

Frankie’s beard



On the 25th of January, we went for a walk through the woods, near to a local high school. We were there for the very first time. Frankie and Penny were having a lovely time, exploring, sniffing and running. We came to a pond and Frankie stopped there for a little while. We continued walking as Frankie is very well behaved and we are aware that if we continue walking she would run to catch up after she had realised we had gone. But this time it didn’t happen, I proceeded to call her and began walking back to the pond. Frankie was there, in some bushes, i assumed she had found the scent of some sort of animal, perhaps a rabbit or another dog. So I just called her again. She wouldn’t budge so I had to go and check what she was doing, she was eating something. Instinctively i pulled her away and looked at her face. It was brown, her entire bears, nose, mouth, tongue, everything! I looked down at what she had been eating, it was HUMAN waste. I could have thrown up there and then. I couldn’t look at her, I couldn’t even hold her lead. We rushed out of the woods and got home, I couldn’t even clean her beard. So I shaved it off and later justified it with that it would have been unhygienic having that in the house. So I now introduce you to beardless Frankie…

Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 20.56.05
11 Days after the incident

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