Frankie & Penny’s Diary

HI, I’m Penny Poppet. This is my diary.
No reading if you are a puppy farmer!
The people at DBARC told me that it was the fun day today. I don’t know what that means.

It’s a little while later and someone came and picked me up and put me in a pen. I knew most of the people there, except from two, someone said they were called Aimee and Ruth. There was also another dog in the pen who told me her name was Frankie. I really like Frankie she is one of my best friends now, but she said that she had to travel 2 hours to come and see me. I don’t know what that means but I really want to see Frankie again. I also really liked Aimee. She was nice to me and she even gave me some treats. I hope I will see her again, but I don’t know if I will.

Today one of the ladies at DBARC, Janet, told me to start packing because I’m going home on Saturday. What is that supposed to mean?

Today is a big day for me!

It’s the day Janet said to start packing for, I still don’t know what that means but Julie put my things in a bag. Maybe I’m moving kennels?
It’s a while later and I’m in a car, a lot happened. First, Julie, Donna and Janet came and picked me up and were saying goodbye to me. What’s going on????? They put a new harness on me and one of my collars. Then I saw Frankie, Aimee and Ruth! Julie put me on a back seat of a car with Frankie and put a doggie seatbelt on me. Then Aimee and Ruth came and sat in the front seat of the car. What on Earth??? Then they turned on the car and all the DBARC Staff waved bye-bye to me. Then Aimee turned around and started talking to me and saying something about Whales (or maybe Wales), a new home and a new life. WHAT????? Can someone tell me what this means?? After travelling for ages, we arrived at Frankie’s house and we went inside, apparently, I live here too now.